Staying in touch with your customers

There’s a theory that says that if a customer hasn’t purchased a product or service from a business in the last 90 days, they’re no longer their customer.

It’s also widely accepted that it’s much easier to sell to an existing customer – they have experience of dealing with you and your business, and they know how good your products and services are.

And yet, most businesses dedicate the majority of their marketing time and spend to finding new customers, rather than getting their existing customers to buy again and again.

Simply keeping regular contact with your database will give you a mix of new customers and repeat purchases from existing customer (providing what you have to say is of value to them).

Naturally, I’d suggest email marketing as an effective way of doing this en masse, but there’s another strategy that’s worked well for me: set time aside each day to make FIVE phone calls. Some of these may be sales follow-up calls, but they can also be used to touch base with a client or contact you haven’t spoken to in a while. It will maintain the freshness of your relationships and will keep you open to opportunities.

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