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Nathan Littleton is a marketer, professional speaker and author who specialises in helping businesses to grow by attracting and winning more customers. 

Each year he sends more than a million emails on behalf of his clients, and his proven track record has led to him working with leading brands including Microsoft, Virgin Care and the BBC.

Having started his first business, building websites from his bedroom at the age of just 12, he quickly built a reputation for his unique take on email marketing and growing businesses by sending truly un-deletable emails. 

Since then, he has made it his mission to give businesses the insights and tools to take their marketing campaigns from good to great, leveraging nearly 20 years of experience in the marketing world.

As an in-demand conference speaker, Nathan speaks regularly on email marketing, content creation and marketing strategy with the perfect blend of energy, insight and actionable advice. He holds the distinction of being the youngest ever National President of the Professional Speaking Association and continues to be an active Fellow of the organisation.

He is the author of two books: ‘Delivered: The No-nonsense Guide to Successful Email Marketing’ and ‘Opened: Great Subject Lines for Higher Email Open Rates.’

When he’s not speaking, writing or sending emails, Nathan is a long-suffering Aston Villa fan, stand-up comedy fanatic and proud geek.


Our guest today will give you the insights and practical steps that you can use right away to generate leads and boost your sales.

He sends more than a million emails each and every year, and has worked with hundreds of businesses in the UK and around the world, helping them to get better results from their marketing.

Please welcome Nathan Littleton…

There has been the odd occasion where I’ve been introduced incorrectly as Nathan Littlejohn (with a J), rather than Nathan Littleton (with a T). Please don’t make this mistake!



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Suggested discussion topics

Email marketing

  • The three email marketing pillars:
    Build your list
    Serve your list
    Extract the opportunities
  • List building and lead magnets
  • Newsletters
  • Sales emails and copywriting
  • Subject lines
  • Best days and times to send emails
  • How often to email your list
  • Software choices
  • Email automation and funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Common mistakes and myths busted
  • Predictions for the future


  • Business lessons from a 12 year-old
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social media