How To Avoid Writer’s Block

Writer’s block spares no one. Have you felt it?

Brain fog.

Lack of inspiration.

Complete inability to focus.

You need to get some writing done, but nothing is happening. The screen has remained blank for hours, maybe days. You’re a rabbit in headlights.

So you scroll through Facebook, answer a few emails, clean that fluff from your keyboard or even clear out the cupboard under the stairs! Anything to get you away from staring at that blank, soulless page. 

It’s enough to make you want to pack the whole thing in and deem yourself a failure. 

But wait!

All is not lost. Understanding why you’ve reached this standstill is half the work of beating it.

What Is Writer’s Block?

Writer’s block is the phenomenon of feeling completely stuck in the writing process. Unable to produce anything new or complete existing projects. 

The good news is, it’s temporary. Feeling like a lost cause will pass. Your brilliant writing skills are still there. 

Why Writer’s Block Happens

There are plenty of reasons why writer’s block might hit. 

If you’re prone to it, it’s worth trying to work out your triggers to help spot repeating patterns. Any clues to what brings it on may help you prevent it from happening next time. 

Common reasons include:

And the list doesn’t stop there. Can you add anything to the list? 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

If you can spot the signs that trouble is brewing, you might be able to prevent writer’s block from happening at all.

Here are four preventative measures you can set up today:

Putting these simple ideas into action reduces the likelihood of the dreaded phenomenon happening to you. 

Already drowning in a sea of unfinished tasks and daunting briefs? Read on.

3 Simple Ways To Overcome Writer's Block

If you’ve been staring blankly at the screen for a while, try these three tips to keep you afloat.


Idea Diaries

Inspiration can and will return.  Be ready for it. Prepare for the onset of new ideas by keeping a pad and pen on your bedside table. 

Another simple method for idea recording on the go is to start a WhatsApp conversation with yourself. This can be a really valuable resource when you’re feeling stuck, and features among other methods in my previous blog, How To Get Inspired And Write Great Content.


Write Something Bad

How long are you going to stare at that blank page? Writing about something is better than not writing at all. Bury your perfectionist and pick up that pen. Tap on that keyboard. 

And keep going. 

It is far easier to edit something bad than keep staring at a blank page.


Read More

Reading reduces stress, expands vocabulary and can spark new ways of thinking. 

Plagiarism is off the table, that’s a given. But it is absolutely okay to hunt down ideas in the work of others. Books, social media – anything that takes your fancy – are all valuable resources if there is no inspiration on the horizon. 

Writer’s Block Isn’t Forever

The brain fog will clear and inspiration will return. 

Lots of people experience writer’s block. Spend some time thinking about why it might be happening to you. Have you got too much on? Do your skills fall elsewhere? 

Should you be writing your content at all? Outsourcing to the right person can save a whole lot of stress, time and money, freeing you up to do what you do best.

The prevention and remedy techniques we’ve explored should help you if writer’s block creeps your way. If you’re still struggling or not sure where to turn, book a call with me to discuss your next steps.

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