Use Video to Boost Your Engagement & Skyrocket Your Email Marketing Results

I send thousands of emails per month for my clients and one thing has really stood out in recent times – emails that include video have the best engagement.

I’ve already talked about why engagement matters in my previous blog here. If you want to get your message in front of more people so you can convert more sales, engagement (clicks, opens, replies) is where you need to focus.

When it comes to clicks and interaction, video is king.

A lot of businesses seem to be missing out on the power of video in email marketing. That’s a huge shame because it can lead to an increase in open rates, and therefore more eyes on you.

Obviously, there are some compelling reasons for using video in email marketing, but the best part is how quickly you’ll see some results.

Using Video in Email Marketing

Businesses have just started catching on to the benefits of video. That means the best time to start using video in your email marketing was yesterday, and the second best time is now! Plus, with new software fast becoming available, it’s easier than ever to do.

Video is making its mark by boosting open rates, increasing click-through rates, and reducing the number of unsubscribes. And is it any wonder? People are choosing to consume all kinds of content in video format – you may have heard of a couple of video-based sites called Youtube and TikTok!

Email has long been heralded as one of the most effective ways to market and reach your audience, outliving plenty of predictions for ‘the end of email’. That’s because it’s a powerful tool when used right. Video perfectly compliments email’s strengths by offering something a little more interesting and different in your clients’ inboxes.

There are plenty more reasons why I continue to include video in my clients’ email marketing. Here are just a few…

The Benefits of Using Video

Take a look at the way people are interacting online, through social media, entertainment, and education. It’s all about video. Your audience today is primed and ready for video, giving you the most incredible opportunity to break through that inbox barrier and reach your potential leads.

Everyone checking their email would rather be doing something interesting, and your video can be the intriguing thing that grabs their attention when just another email wouldn’t. If you’re struggling with a disengaged email list, video instantly connects with an audience you might have otherwise missed out on.

Adding videos to your emails can give you… 

Not only is video email marketing effective in all those ways, it’s even more relevant for coaches and speakers.

Why Coaches Need Video

As a coach or speaker, you know the importance of making a connection. People trust people, and video is a way to forge that connection long before you’ve even booked a call or session with a client.

Video is more popular in all types of marketing but email especially, and for coaches in particular for one obvious reason. It feels personal. 

If a trusted friend sent you a message, you’d read it when you got the chance. If they sent you a video you’d likely be overcome with curiosity and open it then and there. That’s because video feels like something made just for you. This level of ‘click-ability’ is invaluable when it comes to improving email engagement. 

When tracking things like deliverability and email opens, we’ve seen huge results for our clients. Their overall click rates rocketed! For coaches and speakers, these are the kind of improvements you want to see from your email list. 

How To Include Video In Email

You might be thinking, how do I actually include video in an email? I’ve never seen an “add video” option? Is it even possible? 

Yes and no. You’re right that there’s no real “add video” option in email marketing software (those that do have one usually use a terrible thumbnail and a player graphic straight out of the 1990s). That’s because videos can’t play directly in email apps like Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t include a video. 

Upload your video to YouTube, social media or your website, then create a “video image graphic” that looks like a video with a play button. You can use any of the graphic design apps to do this – I like Canva

Add the image to your email as you would any other image, then set the link to go to the video on your YouTube.

It’ll look something like this:

It really is that simple. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to track the clicks through to your video in your email marketing app to give you a pretty good idea of how many people (and specifically who) watched your video.

Any email marketing that isn’t getting you the results you need could benefit from an overhaul. To see how we can help you increase engagement with your email marketing, book a free 20-minute call with me here.

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