The Art Of Email Marketing: 5 Elements Of A Successful Email Newsletter

Some email newsletters land in your mailbox and you instantly hit delete, making a mental note to mark it as spam. Other emails catch your eye right from the subject line and you’ve opened it before you know it. 

Which one would you want your email newsletter to be? 

Plenty of coaches and speakers don’t utilise their email list properly. Even when they think they are. Not making the most of email marketing can mean lost leads and time wasted. 

Luckily, there is a way to easily and efficiently use your email newsletters to reach the right people, capture hot leads, and ultimately increase your income as a coach or speaker.

These are the 5 elements I’ve used to create successful email newsletters:

1 . Consistency is Key

The structure of your email newsletters should follow a familiar structure that can be instantly recognisable the moment your lead opens it up.

Building the first email is the hardest, but focus on putting together a structure and design that properly reflects your coaching or speaking business. 

Not only does a consistent structure make life easier for you, it also makes it easier for people to recognise your brand.

2 . Send Value in Every Email

Putting value into every email that you send out is a must. Value means giving your email subscribers something they want or need. This could be tips, insights, early-access, or even special offers. Don’t rely too heavily on offers, though. Stick to an 80/20 split between valuable content and sales offers to keep your readers happy. 

One of the simplest ways to discover what is valuable to your email leads is to ask yourself the question – what are my ideal buyer’s biggest problems? Offer honest solutions to those problems and your list will be hungrily awaiting your next email.

3 . Use Video for Best Engagement

The use of video in email marketing has exploded in recent years, and that’s because the results speak for themselves. Using video is one of the best engagement tips I’ve seen work for my clients! 

Videos don’t need to be cinematic quality or even be very long. Focus on giving some of that value I mentioned through short, friendly videos, as well as text.

4 . Skimmers and Scourers

There are two kinds of readers in the world – skimmers and scourers.

Skimmers want to get to the point as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. To cater to skimmers in your email newsletters, use short, engaging sentences. Try putting the important parts in bold or italics to make it easy for them to understand what you are saying at a simple glance. 

Scourers are happy to devour every word and want to know the details. For these readers, make sure your content is useful and not too long-winded. Even scourers can get bored.

5 . On the Dot

Be consistent with the times your email newsletters are going out. Be sure to send them on the same day at the same time so your subscribers can learn when to expect you. No matter how frequently you’re sending out your email marketing, being consistent is what matters. Commit to a frequency that you can realistically keep up with.

Creating a consistent, valuable and effective email newsletter is easy when you do it the right way. These 5 elements can help you connect with the people who can most benefit from your coaching or speaking business, building a relationship with them so that when you ask them to buy, they say yes. 

How and when do you ask them to buy? That’s where sales email marketing comes in. For more help creating email sales campaigns, check out my recent blog.

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