How Much Does A Marketing Speaker Cost?

When organising an event, you want to know you’re getting the best speakers. They’ll need to be able to do a few things for you and your guests. They must first provide a draw to new customers, and an interesting speaker is always a point of intrigue.

A good speaker will assure your current customers that you’re authoritative in your area (since you must have great connections). Plus, they’ll deliver new information and ensure the event’s success – and, therefore, the success of your future events.

But getting a top-notch speaker costs money, especially in a dynamic field such as marketing. So how much are we talking?

Cost Vs Value

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let’s get down to the semantics of costs and check in with what cost really means.

Cost is what you pay for something. Seems obvious, I know, but there’s no room for interpretation when it comes to cost and your business. Whether or not you think that cost is worthwhile is the value of something.

It can be tricky to really conceptualise what value something has to you, but it’s easier if you apply it to your everyday life.

A 99p burger doesn’t cost much – but what are your expectations of that burger? Low, I bet.

The cheap burger only has good value if it also tastes good. If your 99p burger tastes awful and you can’t finish it, it wasn’t really worth the cost. Even if it was less than a quid.

Value is just as important as cost – if not more important. That’s why, alongside looking at the cost of a marketing speaker, we will look at the value too.

Types of Marketing Speaker

Before we cover fees, however, let’s talk about marketing speakers themselves because if you’re looking to hire one, it’s helpful to know who you may be working with!

You’ll come across plenty of marketing speakers, and some will be better suited to your event than others. Here are some of the most common types of marketing speaker you’ll find:

The 'The Been Around The Block' Speaker

This speaker has been there, seen that, done it and is wearing the brand t-shirt. They have buckets of experience, which means that they can share lots of insight. But beware, some of these types don’t like to change their approach, so you might get some old-hat techniques that don’t always work as well for your attendees.

The 'Just Show Up' Speaker

Some speakers are there to do the job and get their fee. And maybe you’re OK with that, but this type of speaker won’t ask questions about your event or audience, won’t promote your event ahead of time to their audience, and won’t be interested in adapting to your specific theme or industry. They’ll deliver their tried and tested material, but nothing more.

The 'Cascader' Speaker

This speaker is well-read. They’ve listened to the experts. They’ve done courses. Heard podcasts. But they don’t have the proof because they have just assimilated and shared information. This speaker is helpful in the same way Wikipedia is, but some listeners want to know the methods are tried and tested. As well as get some of that valuable insider info.

The 'Living It' Speaker

This speaker isn’t just a speaker. They do what they’re talking about. They have clients, and they have experience from recent times. They have probably evolved their approach and can share that experience. This type of speaker is likely adaptable to your audience and can give them a wealth of knowledge to leave with. They’ll be excited to promote your event to their own – similarly aligned – audience ahead of time.

Which speaker would you be more inclined to book?

The Speaker Experience

Now that you know the types of speaker, you should also be aware of the experience your speaker gives attendees. After all, what’s the point of hiring a speaker who can’t engage the people listening?

A good marketing speaker is…

A Keynote Marketing Speaker: What’s Included?

So, we’ve covered value and cost, the types of speakers you can come across, plus what they can give you. Now’s the time to talk figures. But let’s first outline what’s included so you can compare like for like if you’re looking at different speakers.

So, let’s talk about what makes a kickass keynote marketing speaker. First, they’re not the kind of speaker juggling a million things at once. Instead, they’re all about giving you their undivided attention. That’s why a good keynote speaker only books one event per day. They’re not in a rush to wrap things up and move on to the next gig.

They’re totally focused on making your event stand out in people’s minds. Plus, their content is unique and tailored specifically for you. You won’t find any recycled, cookie-cutter stuff here. Lastly, they won’t be checking their watch every five minutes. They will be in it for the long haul, committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for your event audience.

A whole day booked for your marketing speaker means offering more than an hour or two of listening to a workshop or keynote presentation. It means your delegates can also benefit from:

And how much should you expect to pay for that?

For my marketing speaking, my fee is £3950 + VAT. I’m a Living It speaker, which means I practice what I teach, and my clients are current. I spend time getting to understand who I’m talking to, so my talk delivers content that’s engaging in the present and usable in their future marketing decision-making.

What Do You Value In A Marketing Speaker?

When it comes down to it, the right marketing speaker for your event is someone who resonates with your industry and can provide great value. But every talk starts with a conversation, so if you’re looking for a marketing speaker for your event, let’s chat.

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