Email Marketing – Do, Delete Or Delegate?

As a professional speaker or coach, time really is money. 

You get paid for delivering your programmes, talks or one to one coaching sessions. Every little bit of time that you spend on non-billable hours is lost revenue. 

But you’re not just a coach, you’re a business owner too. 

If you try to spend all your time racking up billable hours then things will start to fall apart. Your leads will dry up, your accounts will fall behind and you’ll end up with a whole load of fires to put out in the future. 

So what’s the answer? As usual, the solution is balance. 

You need to find the ideal balance between your billable hours spent delivering your talks or coaching and the time you spend doing your marketing, admin and business growth tasks. 

Do, Delete, Delegate

As a speaker or coach, it can be really easy to fall into the “it has to be me” trap. People buy you because, well, you’re you! 

But in order to be able to deliver them with your best, you need to make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin. 

If you try to do everything, you’ll end up stressed out, overworked and probably falling behind. 

There’s no shortage of task management advice out there, but I like the simplicity of do, delete, delegate. 

Do the tasks that are important and that only you can do.

Delete the tasks that are not important or necessary. 

Delegate everything else. 

What About Email Marketing?

So where does email marketing fall in the do, delete, delegate matrix? 

Well, it’s certainly important if you want to create a strong relationship with your customers, build trust and increase your sales conversions. So it’s not a “delete” task. 

That leaves us with do or delegate.

Sure, you can do your own email marketing. You can write your emails, design your templates, source your images, add your links, adjust your formatting, test your spam rating, monitor your metrics and send your own emails – but that’s quite a lot of work. 

Work takes time and time is something successful speakers and coaches don’t have a lot of. 

Why Outsource Your Email Newsletters To The Experts?

Delegating your email newsletters to the experts can not only take some tasks off your plate and free up your billable hours –  but there’s a ton of other benefits too… 

More Consistency

Email newsletters work best when they are sent regularly and consistently. When you outsource to a professional, they’ll make sure that your newsletters go out on time, every time. 

Expert Optimisation 

Sometimes tiny tweaks can make a big difference to your open rates, engagement and results. Professional email marketers send thousands of emails every day and can use their expertise and experience to help optimise your newsletters and improve your results.

Better Return on Investment (ROI) 

Improving the quality and consistency of your email newsletters will help to build trust with your target market and bring you better results. Giving you more customers, better sales conversions and an improvement on your marketing ROI. 

Thinking About Bringing In The Experts?

Making email newsletters easy for business owners, speakers and coaches is exactly what we do here. If you’re looking to save some time, improve consistency and get better results from your email marketing then why not find out how we can help?

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