5 Types Of Email Marketing Every Business Should Know About

Email marketing can increase your sales, boost your bottom line and improve your customer retention. But not all email marketing is created equal. 

When I speak to other business owners and coaches, many of them don’t know that email marketing comes in many different forms. 

From sales campaigns to nurture emails and newsletters, there’s a ton of different email marketing strategies that can help you grow your business. 

But what’s the difference between follow up emails and sales campaigns? How is a newsletter different from nurture marketing? And which type of email marketing is right for your business? 

Keep reading to find out… 

1. Sales Campaigns

What are sales campaigns? Sales campaigns are emails that have the specific purpose of closing a sale. They can be a single email or series designed to introduce an offer, overcome objections and make people take action – whether that action is handing over the cash or booking in a consultation call. 

The benefits? Sales campaigns are great for, well, making sales. A good sales email series, sent to a warm and nurtured list can convert your prospects into paying customers and give your bottom line a boost. 

Who should do it? Sales emails are suitable for anyone who wants to make more sales. You can use sales emails to close sales online or book in the final step of your sales process such as a call, consultation or quote. One important thing to note, however, is that sales campaigns work best when combined with another email strategy that builds trust, such as newsletters or nurture emails. 

2. Nurture Emails

What are nurture emails? Good email marketing is all about creating relationships and building trust. That’s what a nurture campaign is all about. With nurture marketing, you send regular emails packed full of useful content, interesting information and engaging stories to help your list get to know you, like you and trust you in preparation for a sale. 

The benefits? Nurture emails can help keep your list warm. You can use them to educate your prospects, build reciprocity and establish yourself as the authority in your industry. A nurtured list will convert far better when you do finally hit them with a sales campaign. 

Who should do it? Anyone who want to build a better relationship with their customers and increase their sales conversions using email marketing. Nurture marketing works especially well in industries where the prospects need a little time to make a buying decision or need to really trust you before making a purchase. 

3. Onboarding Automations

What are onboarding automations? An onboarding automation is a series of emails that run automatically when someone signs up to your list. The idea is to contact your subscribers immediately, and over a series of emails, connect with them, overcome their objections and build enough trust to move them onto the next step of your sales process – while they’re still hot. 

The benefits? A good onboarding automation can convert more subscribers into sales. It ensures that your hot leads stay hot and you keep the conversation going while they’re still interested. 

Who should do it? Anyone who uses opt-ins or lead bait to build their lists. 

4. Newsletters

What are email newsletters? Email newsletters are weekly or monthly emails designed to build a connection with your subscribers and keep them up to date with what’s going on in your business. Unlike nurture emails, which are usually just a text email with a single topic, a newsletter can cover multiple subjects and include events, offers and ideas. 

The benefits? Newsletters are ideal for keeping your list warm, building a connection, providing value to your list to build reciprocity and establishing yourself as a trusted expert in your field. 

Who should do it? Any business who wants to improve the results from their email marketing or establish themselves as the go-to expert in their industry, especially consultants, course providers and coaches. 

5. Follow Up Campaigns

What are follow up campaigns? A follow up campaign is a series of emails designed to follow up with a prospect after they’ve taken a specific action, such as placed an enquiry or completed a free consultation. They’re usually between 3-6 emails long, with similar content to a sales series such as overcoming objections, delivering deadlines and a clear call to action. 

The benefits? Follow up campaigns can increase your sales conversion rates considerably. Just by following up with your prospects regularly, with a strategic approach, you’ll be able to gently nudge more of them over the line. Reducing your customer acquisition costs and increasing your profits. 

Who should do it? Any business with a low conversion rate or anyone keen to increase their sales without much additional time input. 

Which Type of Email Marketing Is Right For Your Business?

Every business is different so there is no one size fits all approach. If you’re still wondering which email marketing is right for your business, book a free call today and I’ll be happy to chat through the options with you to find a solution that fits. 

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