A 28-day live group programme to help you create a killer lead magnet and build your list

next cohort starts monday 15th march 2021

Do any of these sound familiar?

Lead magnets are the single most effective way of building your email list. They usually come in the form of an eBook, audiobook, checklist, template or video, and they’re offered on a webpage in exchange for an email address. Despite the huge potential to create an automated lead generation system, creating one can often be one of those things that sits on the to-do list and never gets done.

lead magnet noun

/liːd/ /ˈmaɡnɪt/

an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

The Lead Magnet Intensive is a programme that’s designed to take away the hassle, the technology stresses and the design fears and make creating a lead magnet easy.

In the company of other entrepreneurs just like you. you’ll get everything you need to create a lead magnet that will consistently generate subscribers and leads for your business.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Who? What? Why?

2. Writing

3. Design

4. Landing page and emails

5. Putting it all together

6. The launch

This programme will give you:

If you had said to me that I would be creating a lead magnet I would have laughed. You see I can't even draw a stick man! And although my content is solid, to make it look even remotely presentable I thought was out of my reach. But knowing the incredible value a lead magnet can bring to my clients and my business I decided to sign up for Nathan Littleton's Lead Magnet Intensive programme.

I was astonished how clear and easy Nathan made the whole process. He is an expert in marketing, highly experienced in business and also a calm, generous and effective teacher. I highly recommend Nathan's work."
Dr Lynda Shaw

Here's everything you need to know

When does it start?
The next round starts on Monday 15th March, but you’ll be invited into the Facebook group ahead of time to introduce yourself and meet the others.

How long is the programme?

28 days

How often can I ask questions if I get stuck?

As often as you like. I’m regularly on hand in the Facebook group and even run weekly live video Q&A sessions.

You’ll also benefit from the shared wisdom of the other members who are going through similar challenges so you can draw on a wide and diverse range of expertise and experiences.

How much is it?

A one-off payment of £147 +VAT, or if you prefer, you can make three monthly payments of £57 +VAT.

How much time will it take?

You should expect to commit 2-3 hours per week to the programme.

What if I’m not on Facebook?

That’s OK – all the training materials will be sent to you by email too. But you will miss out on the discussions with other members. That’s where some of the really juicy stuff comes out.

I took part in Nathan's "Lead Magnet Intensive" earlier in 2020 and it was excellent. The step-by-step nature of how Nathan took us through the process of not even having an idea of what our lead magnet would be about, to having it designed, the content written, having a professional looking cover image, and also having everything in place for people to request it - well it was perfect. I was even able to do everything in real time whilst Nathan demonstrated on screen in his videos. It's ideal for people who have ideas but need to just get on and execute, with someone to take them through the tech in a simple way. Nathan provided great support to the group and his knowledge is top notch. Thanks Nathan for ending my procrastination and giving me a real sense of achievement that I got this done at last!
Claire Dowdall

I'm ready! Let's go...

one-off payment




three payments



I recently went on Nathan's Lead Magnet creation course. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. The course enables you to create a resource that you can provide to your clients, that provides real value and looks professional. He breaks the course down into 4 stages: planning, writing, design, implementation. At each stage the support he provided was top notch and at each stage I had no clue how I could do the next stage, but when the time came he guided me through it. If you look at my website you can now download the lead magnet, showing the ultimate test of a course: I came out with exactly what I needed. Better than that though, I know have a process I can follow to create other lead magnets and I have used what he taught me on my new book. The skills I now have will come in useful again and again. Thanks Nathan, you are first rate!
Leon Bamforth

Who am I?

I’m Nathan Littleton… I’ve worked with thousands of businesses in the UK and around the world, helping them to get much, MUCH better results from their marketing.

I send more than a million emails each and every year on behalf on my clients, created lead magnets and lead generation systems for businesses all over the world, as well as writing two books on email marketing, so I know a thing or two about what makes an effective marketing campaign.

I joined Nathan's short programme to learn about how to conceive, design and launch a Lead Magnet. It gave me all the tools I needed to give more value to my network and to grow it with potential clients for my solutions. The most valuable thing I got from working with Nathan was a clearly defined timetable and set of activities that work. Cutting through the options for a repeatable method.
Rob Munro
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